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    Sites should be optimized nowadays in a way that they find top ranking not just on Google but in other search engines as well. So, a site that has good ranks on Yahoo, Bing and Google eventually finds more visitors that are potential leads and can be converted to customers. Now, concentrating on Bing brings the spotlight on certain aspects that are of relevance.

    Bing takes more time to Crawl – Any changes made on pages take more time to show effect on Bing results. This is because the crawling is slow in Bing compared to Google and for a change to become visible it takes considerable time.

    Publish Quality Content

    Bing lays immense emphasis on content just like Google. So, if a site publishes fresh content on a regular basis then it is easier for Bing to index the page, identify potential keywords and update the page on the search engine. So, a schedule should be made for posting fresh content.

    Algorithms of Bing are not Complex

    Some old SEO techniques that have been devalued by Google are still effective with Bing. Its spam techniques are more spontaneous as Bing always tries to clean up its algorithm to better compete with Google. As its algorithms are kept simple so getting good ranks on Bing is much easier than Google.

    Use Anchor text with Keywords

    Bing’s algorithms being less complex so the old school SEO techniques can be easily deployed here. So, an anchor text can carry specific keywords instead of ‘click here’ and still be effective on Bing. The indexing bots of Bing can easily identify keyword combinations on backlinks and also protects a website from Penguin like changes.

    People Prefer optimizing on Google than Bing

    As most webmaster optimize for Google so this can be taken into your advantage. Competition on Bing is less than Google. So, people can easily get their sites optimized here. It is a good alternative for those who are constantly being rejected by Google.

    Resort to SEO Techniques for Bing Keeping Google into Consideration

    It is true that some old SEO techniques can be successfully used to optimize a site for Bing. But it should be remembered that your site should be promoted in a way that even Google gives good weight to its content. So, do not resort to over-optimization, excessive keyword use and back link anchor text.