• by Paras Singh, Jan 31, 2013 Printer-Friendly

    Traditionally, Indian companies have relied on television, radio, billboard etc. for advertising and brand awareness. But now, slowly and surely, the scenario is changing. Social media and digital marketing is the norm of the day and companies need to jump in on the bandwagon – if they have not done so already!

    Every company has a different set of customers, target audience, products and services – thus, the social media platforms will be different too. So, after deciding on the social media tool and registering yourself on them, here are some ways in which you can use this channel to grow your business:

    • First and foremost, be active on the social network you have chosen. If you think Facebook is the one for you, make sure you regularly update it, post pictures, reply to user content etc. Do not just have a fan page and never do anything about it. Make as many fans and followers as possible. Involve the fans as much as possible

    • Secondly, remember, website plays a vital role. Web site content and management is a great part of internet marketing. Make sure your website is beautiful and appealing to readers. Make sure it has enough content enthrall a reader and make sure the content is factual and rich! Only rich content drives traffic. Evomantra, A top social media marketing agency will focus on content management of a website so that it is very easy to draw healthy results.

    • Research shows that companies who hold contests, give away free products/samples or prizes have a lot of user engagement and fan following. See if your company can do something similar so that more people follow your company and the brand

    • Did you know that blogging has taken the internet marketing world by storm. Seek out bloggers who write in the field you are in. Ask them to try your products and services and write about them, review them etc. This will fetch you more eyeballs in terms of website traffic and spreading of awareness will happen naturally. These days, people tend to listen to what the bloggers have to say much more intently than an advertisement

    Well, these are just some creative ideas – of course, depending on the product and the service, the marketing team can put on their thinking caps and voila! See the magic unfold!