• by Paras Singh, Jun 27, 2013 Printer-Friendly

    Microblogging giant Twitter has unveiled a new service, termed as #FollowMe which is a different way to present individual tweeting style. #FollowMe allows Twitter users to create videos that showcase their social statistics, including their top tweets, their photos and their followers.

    The campaign is run by Vizify, the same startup that collaborated with Twitter last year for the campaign “Your Year on Twitter”. Vizify CEO Todd Silverstein said that #FollowMe is a step ahead of the previous campaign. Vizify gathers social media statistics in a wonderfully compiled experience which Mr. Silverstein compared to “about.me on steroids”.

    The website is HTML5 compatible, which allows the videos to be played on almost any mobile device. “We see ourselves as helping to communicate online what it is that’s special about you,” Mr. Silverstein said, analyzing tweets to portray unique presentations of people. “Vizify analyzes, organizes and digitizes the words you talk about most on Twitter.” The campaign also includes partnership with Rumblfish, thanks to which 30 licensed soundtracks can be included in the video on #FollowMe.

    To start using the #FollowMe service, you need to first grant third-party app access to Vizify. After that, you will be redirected to the Vizify website where you’ll get a customized video. You can edit pictures, music and add or delete scenes. There is no time limit so you can add as much content as you wish.

    Mr. Silverstein also recommended watching out for more ways to create videos on Twitter, like a launch button right on your profile.

    Whether #FollowMe will be a success or not remains to be seen. But what is sure is that social media platforms are collaborating with multiple startups in order to provide their users with new and engaging experiences that promote sharing and keep them glued to the social media platform.