• by Paras Singh, Jan 29, 2013 Printer-Friendly

    Social Media is the rage of the day! Gone are the days where marketers could rely on traditional marketing techniques and be assured that customers will come their way. This is the age of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Depending on what industry you are in, depending on your target market and of course depending on your products and services, marketers should pick and choose the social media platform strategically and make their presence felt on those platforms in a drastic and effective way.

    But is it the cup of tea for all marketers or do you think specialists or specialized agencies might do a better job? If you think your marketing managers are great and are up to date with the current tweeting and updating phenomenon, well, maybe stick to them, If not, think about hiring a social aim do marketing manager or outsourcing it to a great agency – which are many in India today. Thus, make sure, if you are outsourcing it to an agency, the agency knows your goals and objectives and that they are capable of delivering the same! Hiring a social media agency for buisness is always a tricky thing but here are some of the ponits you should take into consideration before hiring a good social media agency

    • Make sure your goals, objectives and focus is very clear because you have to give a detailed brief to the agency. If the company itself is not sure where they are heading and which way or what all do they want to accomplish, an excellent agency also might not be able to help you!
    • Make sure the person or the agency in India is reliable. Read their reviews, talk to their past clients if necessary and do your homework. Social media is selling like hot cakes and many random agencies have opened up in India – you do not want to outsource your marketing to a fraud company!
    • It is a stressful job – believe it or not but marketing strategies revolving around social media calls for attention and focus 24/7! This means availability at all ungodly hours and this in turn means it is very stressful. Can your social media manager handle the pressures and work under duress?
    • Social Media is not just about tweeting and instagraming pictures about your products. Can the agency go beyond the basics and think out of the box for customer engagement? Can they think of niche social media platforms to grab potential customer`s attention?

    Social Media also has lots of inbuilt and paid analytics and reporting – make sure you are getting all the details of their activities!
    Social Media Marketing has suddenly become very interesting, effective and thus, extremely competitive. Everyone wants to be here – only those will succeed which have something different to offer!