• by Paras Singh, Jan 21, 2013 Printer-Friendly

    Social Media is definitely on the minds of the every marketer today. Whether you are in B2B or B2C segment, whether you are a domestic company or an international, whether your target audience is 60 and above women or 16 year old boys, social media is relevant to one and all!

    But just like every marketing trend or fad, social media has its ups and downs. None the less, if you can use it to the best of your advantage, it can work wonders. Facebook alone has 1 Billion users – so just imagine the kind of audience you can target.

    Here are some tactics that will help you optimize your social media marketing efforts:

    • First and foremost, know which social media to use. Your target may not be on Pinterest so just jumping on the bandwagon of Pinterest may not be in the best interest. If you think your target audience is more Twitter friendly and more Reddit savvy, love to read blogs and articles, go for a mix of such social media platforms.

    • Most marketers forget that people today are mobile friendly and most of them have smart phones. After knowing who your audience is, make sure they have smart phones and thus digital marketing can come handy. Make sure your platforms are mobile friendly and can be easily accessed via Smartphones.

    Social Media is all about user engagement. Know what they do on that particular platform. Do Facebook users look for fan pages, contests etc? If yes, post contests and distribute freebies many times a month. If they love Twitter pictures, create a theme around that. Make sure you know what their main activities are on that social media platform and do it!

    • Engaging your audience the right away is very essential. Every marketer is on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. But some companies and their strategies stand out! Why is that? It is mainly because they know their audience very well and are 2 steps above the audience!

    It is all about the target demographic that the company has! Knowing the pulse of your target market and tailor making the strategies in accordance with them, is critical!