• by Paras Singh, Feb 25, 2013 Printer-Friendly

    Many companies believe in word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing is nothing but advertising your unique selling propositions in such a way that people tend to talk about it. Word of mouth marketing is a very unique tactic of advertising where in the marketers try to create a buzz around a certain feature of the product or the source and let the “grapevine” do the magic!

    When we talk about social media, instantly “sharing” comes to our mind – whether it is pinning on Pinterest, sharing a status update on Facebook or retweeting something. It is about liking something on social media and forwarding it to our entire social network. Just one advert on Facebook, if shared by 1000 people can ultimately reach 1 million people because of sharing and the stuff going viral.

    The tactic for both word of mouth and social media is essentially the same. Leveraging the fact that if the consumer likes the product or the service, they will talk about it and share it amongst their own network of people! Thus, both the platforms bring in the desired buzz, awareness and brand publicity – thus, these days, they are one and the same!

    When we talk about word of mouth publicity, it essentially involves recommendations and suggestions from one person to another! Isn’t social media doing the same thing? A customer of a restaurant sees 100 feed-backs on Yelp or sees “check-ins” to a cool pub on Four Square and makes up his mind!

    Social media is the evolved version of word of mouth campaigns. It essentially gives the liberty to the marketer to spread the message the way the company wants it amongst its followers and potential customers.

    Whether it is word of mouth or social media, it knows no boundaries. If a person in Mumbai tried a new Toyota car, that person can call someone in Delhi and recommend it to him. Same is the case with social – no boundaries and no separations!

    What was once called word of mouth and thought of as a primitive yet unique way of marketing, is now revolutionized into the world of social media marketing!