• by Paras Singh, Dec 10, 2012 Printer-Friendly

    When things can be done from the luxury of your living room, even retail therapy for women, why should it not be so popular? Well, online shopping has always been a rage in the western countries like USA & Canada but is fast picking up pace in the Asian markets also. Grabbing this unique opportunity, Pinterest launched with an idea of “only visuals”. If someone can see the face of a puppy, the chances are, he/she will fall in love with it faster than just a verbose description of a puppy.

    Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social network website in the world today! It comes as no surprise that women are attracted to it more than well, some men! Visuals, pictures, videos etc. are supposed to be a “female” thing. Well, Pinterest is not complaining and neither are the marketers or the eCommerce companies who are exploiting Pinterest to their advantage.

    Research and studies have shown that women have a tendency for impulse purchase and for things which are visually appealing. Guess what – Pinterest is all about that! Studies also show that 7 out of every 10 women are inspired by the beautiful pictures of the merchandise by all companies. If a person in the United States, want to be connected to the retail giants like Macy`s or JCPenny, the chances are, they will be connected to their favorite companies via Pinterest and not really Facebook or Twitter.

    If Twitter is used to vent out anger against companies, marketers say, Pinterest is used as an inspiration for “online shopping – clearly, eCommerce giants are more interested in the latter!

    Women, clearly love to scroll across tones of pictures of beautiful shoes, apparel, baby clothes, puppy adoption pictures, toys, books, accessories, bags etc. Whether it is actually walking down the aisles of a shopping mart or sitting on their couch and looking at these pictures via Pinterest, women love it! Referral links and back links have proven to be a great way for marketers to advertise their products to Pinterest users directs them to their website and make a purchase happen!

    Women, increasingly have an increased say in the buying patterns of today, they clearly are inspired by visuals and attractive images – thus, Pinterest is here to stay and is definitely a shopper`s paradise!