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Pages Now Interact With Individual Users On Google+

by Paras Singh, Jan 10, 2013

Well, even social media is taking baby steps, slowly but surely, to enhance its features and appeal more to the audience as they go forward. So, is the case with Google+. When it was launched, tens of thousands of users immediately logged on and registered themselves. Considering it is a Google initiative, it cannot go wrong. Yes, it had its own benefits and advantages. The top most being the fact that it is a Google initiative and it your presence on Google+ will help you in organic searches and page rankings. But still, the users felt that it lacked a lot of things and it was not as appealing as some of the other social networking platformsSocial media marketing services India offers you reliable and affordable services for your start-ups.

Guess what, Google took this feedback seriously and is now transforming itself into one of the most coveted and interesting platforms. Earlier, you could not have company pages on Google +. But now you can and now, they have taken a step forward. The pages on this platform can interact and converse with individual users. This means company pages can interact with their fans, followers, users, potential customers etc. This is a big leap for Google+ and this adds a feather in their cap for sure!

Before this crucial step was taken by them, business pages on Google plus could not really interact with their followers. They could not do what is now famous as “+1″. They could not comment or reply to any posts from their users and followers. But now, voila! Google plus has evolved and these major hurdles have been surpassed. Now, businesses can directly update, reply, comment, converse, and interact with their users and clients. This gives them a great chance to engage the users in meaningful conversations and make them their loyal fans and customers.

Now, Google Plus can be enjoyed by all companies and marketers are jumping for joy for this new development. This opens up new gates and new vistas for all the marketers.

Use it properly, use it creatively and use it to your advantage – after all, Google still rules the organic search engine market!