• by Paras Singh, Aug 23, 2012 Printer-Friendly

    Every company is on Twitter and Facebook. Depending on the industry and the sector you are in, chances of you being on Pinterest, Linkedin, WordPress, YouTube are high too. In a corporate environment, especially these days, social network and digital marketing are given high weightage. So, in such a scenario, where everyone is everywhere, Google Plus has emerged as a strong contender and companies are making their business pages and accounts on this wonderful network.

    Well, other than the fact that it is a Google initiative and the chances of you popping up on organic searches are more if you are on Google Plus, why should a company be on Google Plus and what more can it do to achieve the “extras”:

    • Well, every marketer on Google Plus updates its company page, make comments, shares, replies etc. But did you know that timing and the frequency with which you do all of this is important? Should you update your account or post certain links, videos etc. at a particular time and after a certain time interval? Yes, timing and frequency are very important. Figure out who your audience is and what kind of product/service are you selling? An in depth analysis of customer profile, their interests etc. will give you the answers

    • Research shows that followers of companies everywhere want compelling data, statistics and information. They do not want a verbose 20 page link to an article. Be more creative and fascinating with your content – infographics, video, funny ad, snapshot etc. creates a buzz

    • It is necessary for you to follow other companies on Google Plus who are in your competitive set or generally who are supposed to be doing well in the social network scene. Follow them to know what they are up to, learn from their mistakes and also their successes
    These are just some ways in which you can be more compelling, persuasive and strategic on a medium like Google Plus. There are no set rules – but you need to understand your audience, your industry and be ahead of the lot at all times!