• by Paras Singh, Apr 26, 2012 Printer-Friendly

    Facebook has some interesting features that can be used by brands in roder to leverage their fan page!

    With Facebook touching nearly 1 Billion mark (of subscribers), it is the number one site for social media marketing . Of course, it started with individual profiles but soon companies joined the bandwagon and now it is one of the best and most popular ways to create awareness of your brand or increase sales of your products and services.
    • One of the most basic things is to start with having a brand page where in your company has its own URL. Make sure that the company name features in the URL and not some random funny name! After all, there is a commercial reason as to why you are building a company page
    • Most of the companies have corporate blogs on their websites. Create links within your Facebook page that links any blog updates to this page. This means that when a new blog is published on the website, it automatically broadcasts it on the Facebook  page for all the fans and followers to see, click and visit your site
    • Your page should be active. Make use of videos, photographs, content, tips, guides etc. and keep posting and updating your fan page. This will engage your fans and followers and they will keep visiting your page and your website. This is a great way of inbound marketing
    • Make sure the cover picture ( a recent Facebook addition) is attractive and relevant. Make use of this space to broadcast your product/service or what your company is all about
    • Make appropriate use of the timeline application. You might want to delete certain posts or add certain things to your timeline so that prominence is there
    • There are many custom tabs on a fan page. Make use of as and when necessary
    • Integrate different social media platforms you use – Instagram, Flickr, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Blogs etc. Let everything be tied up
    • You can schedule your posts – they are time generated
    There are many more things and applications that can be used. It might become a chaos if you use everything! So use only what is applicable, relevant and fetches you something – awareness, eyeballs, leads etc.!