• by Paras Singh, Dec 1, 2012 Printer-Friendly

    You know what is the morning anthem of the season? It’s, “Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound fish. Come and have a look. One pound fish. One pound fish. Very, very cheap. Come and have a look. Fish to the one pound, six for five pound. Come on ladies, try the fish. One pound each. One pound each.”

    First it was Oppa Gangnam Style that went viral and following the same trend, One Pond Fish song set the stage on fire. A simple Pakistani fish seller of London, Muhammad Shahid Nazir is the present rock star on YouTube. With 3.6 million views, the singer of this YouTube viral is better known as One Pound Fish Man.

    The 31year old said that he was asked by his boss to shout and attract customers to the fish stall. However, he didn’t find shouting as his piece of cake, so composed a song. And the result is in front of us; the song not only attracted customers but also attracted the big names of the entertainment industry. These big names include Alesha Dixon (English singer, dancer, rapper, model and TV presenter), Timbaland (American record producer, songwriter and rapper) and Gary Barlow (British songwriter and one of the Judges of The X Factor 2012).

    The saga doesn’t end here. The One Pound Fish man gave auditions for X Factor 2012, but was not selected. However, the popularity of this rejected contestant went to such a height that Gary Barlow, one of the judges of X Factor Tweeted: “I’m still singing £1 fish! Damn we should have put him through #mistake”. Further, media sources have revealed that the One Pound Fish song is ranking number 1 in the UK Single Charts, thereby giving a tough competition to the winner of X Factor 2012.

    So basically the Queen’s Market in Upton Park, London gave us a new pop star. It’s time when other rock stars pull up their socks, as this Pakistani guy has got One Pound Fish with him!