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    In an announcement, Microsoft has revealed that the Bing Ads platform will be Windows 8.1 Smart Search which was released two weeks ago in the Windows 8.1 preview.

    Bing Ads integration in Windows 8.1 Smart Search

    David Pann of Microsoft posted on the community of Bing Ads that over the past year there has been a “significant momentum” in Bing Ads. He fed this claim with the examples of a range of new ad products, considerably higher click volumes for Bing advertisers and their expansion to additional international markets. “A key part of this journey is our pursuit of making search ever more relevant and engaging for consumers as their experiences evolve across new devices and platforms,” wrote Mr. Pann in the post on the official Bing community. “Today we are announcing an important step in this journey. The Bing Ads platform will be available in Windows 8.1 Smart Search which was released last week in the Windows 8.1 preview.”

    What’s new in it?

    The new search experience will making searching convenient and quick for users. With a single search, users can look for “information across the web, device, apps and cloud”. A single tap will allow users to “play, launch, view or browse”. “It is a modern search experience to allow consumers to find the information they are looking for quickly and accomplish a broad range of tasks – giving people a faster way to find, discover and do,” Mr. Pann added in the same announcement.

    What do advertisers and consumers get?

    Bing Ads will form an integral part of the new Windows 8.1 Smart Search experience, thus redefining user experience and searching. Marketers can also revel in the new search experience announcement, because a single campaign setup will allow advertisers to connect with their customers and consumers across Bing, Yahoo! And the new Windows Search, with “highly relevant ads” for their search query. Along with this, Bing Ads will also display web previews of websites with their most recent features like site links, location and call extensions. “This makes it convenient for consumers to complete tasks and for advertisers to drive qualified leads,” mused Mr. Pann. Bing Ads integration within Windows 8.1 Smart Search also permits advertiser campaign that may already be participating on the Yahoo! Bing Network to automatically be eligible to be shown without any additional setup required for it. Mr. Pann said the goal is to “make search advertising easier for their customers, while providing the best consumer experience with the most relevant results for the tasks they are looking to accomplish.”

    (Image courtesy of http://community.bingads.microsoft.com)