• by Paras Singh, Dec 7, 2012 Printer-Friendly

    Many companies are already way ahead in the world of mobile browsing or mobile friendly apps. But most companies are still trying to figure out their marketing strategies so as to fit the “mobile world”. Well, there is no doubt in any marketer’s mind that a company has to be mobile and tablet friendly. But the vital question is – should consumers be able to browse through your website on the mobile smoothly and freely or should they download an app on their iPhone or a tablet and use that widget as to access your products and services?

    It is definitely not an easy question and marketers and companies are still debating whether to go for an app or a mobile friendly website.

    • First and foremost ask yourself the purpose behind developing a mobile app or a mobile website. You should be clear and well focused towards your goals. Is your regular website enough to drive traffic and generate leads for you? If yes, you may not need a mobile friendly website. But if you think you need extra help in generating traffic and users on the “move” can browse and benefit you, definitely go for a website which is mobile friendly. On the other hand, if you have a business which deals with pure online sales and ordering, how about a widget/app? This app will help the audience in making the online ordering process very simple!

    • Another thing to be considered is the usage of the company. Is it a website that people go to every day (like news channel, weather updates, games etc.) or is it a one off thing (like retail shopping). If your customers use your services frequently, a mobile app may be a better idea but if it is a one off (non impulsive) thing, you may not necessarily need to develop a mobile app!

    • Another thing to consider is the user experience. Mobile apps can have graphics and interactive tools to it but a website is just that – information docket. Depending on your mobile marketing strategy, you have to decide!

    • What is your goal about “target reach”? Do you want more click and eyeballs so as to generate leads or you are happy with the number of browsers but want more interaction? For the former, mobile website is a great idea and for the latter, an app is a great idea!

    • Lastly, the budget needs to be considered. Developing an app for every different operating system is a time consuming and costly task whereas mobile website development is fairly cost effective!