• by Paras Singh, Apr 21, 2012 Printer-Friendly

    Make your website SEO savvy and capture the audience’s heart beyond the “10 seconds” rule!

    Whether your company is big or small, chances are that you have some sort if a website. After all, website or the home page is where all your potential customers and clients can come and have a look at what exactly your brand is all about. Research shows that a viewer stays on the site for precisely 10 seconds and if nothing interests him there, he moves on. So, the company has only 10 seconds to “woo” their audience. In such a short time frame, it is imperative that the website and the brand make a big impression and capture his interest!
    • Make sure whatever you want to tell your audience in those 10 seconds is highlighted, clear and bold! Creating a message and actually broadcasting it on your website is crucial. Make sure that the viewer sees that in the 10 seconds!
    • Make your website look as visual and attractive as possible. It is the day and age of “infographics”. No one wants to read paragraphs! Convey your message in pictures and surely the audience will be captivated and intrigued
    • Be different! Remember all you have is 10 seconds. Convey it to the viewer that your business is unique and how amazing your product is!
    • Many websites look run down, outdated and lack the confidence and charisma needed to make a viewer interested. You need to instill faith and trust in your the viewer that he. She has come to the right place! Be savvy and charming through your home page!
    • Engaging your audience is important. Make your website interesting to navigate around, so that the viewer has some fun navigating through the website
    • Make sure the website is easily navigable. Do not make it a difficult task for the viewer to find relevant information. Always remember, all you have is 10 seconds to capture his heart!
    Website engaging is essential for good SEO. In fact, building a good website is a science and an art! Once you have managed to capture some one`s attention beyond 10 seconds, it is half the battle won. But make sure to do whatever it takes to keep the viewer on your site for 10 seconds at least!