• by Paras Singh, Jan 3, 2013 Printer-Friendly

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. has piqued every marketer`s interest. Many companies have jumped in on the bandwagon and now want to reach their audience via the social media channel. Well, being on social media and interacting with your fans and followers is a great way to stay tuned in to their likes, dislikes, preferences, wants and needs. In fact, it is so much of a rage in India (and elsewhere in the world too) that many social media marketing companies specialize in providing social media marketing services to various industries and so is the case with social media agencies in India too! But does that mean traditional media is dying a slow death and now it is just the age of social media?

    Well, social media certainly has its advantages and now it has evolved so much that practically everyone can be connected via the social networks and marketers can practically do anything and weave a magic around their brand/products and services – so much so that traditional media is now becoming limiting. Marketing aspects like micro targeting, specific target audience or customized advertisements or even call-to-action is possible only on social media and digital media world. Where else can you directly have one on one conversation with your customers across the world? Cherry on the cake is the fact that the investment is very less (financial investment) and the returns (if done properly and strategically) are very high!

    Social Media marketing companies in India have started providing guidance and special SEO techniques to all the companies who are trying to woo their audience and target them strategically on various social media and digital media platforms. This shows the growing importance of this form of advertising and marketing.

    But companies must not forget what and who their audience is. Some social networks are great for women, some are great for professional purposes, some are specialized in pictures/audio/video and some others are mainly for interaction between the interest groups. Thus, knowing where your audience can be found is the most important step!

    Lastly, marketers should make sure that a blend of both the worlds – digital/social and traditional till rules the advertising industry. Make this decision strategically!

    • Thanks for the article. It is a good one. But I feel that more users in India of the social networking sites is the range of people between 19- 29 years and social media can on woo those products where their is an individual buying of a customers in a group like clothes; shoes etc. As in India most of the decisions are not taken all alone rather some of the decisions like buying a car; or a consumer goods are more motivated by family centric decisions.. So I think Social media will play a role in coming years but traditional media will be the start of any media campaign.

      Arun Bhatia
      Assistant Professor
      Central University of Himachal Pradesh