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    When you think of Google, you think of www.google.com, when you think of McDonalds, you think of mcdonalds.com, when you think of a university, you think of www.universityname.com! Now what is common in all of the above? Well, it is nothing but how we use associate company names with the homepages. There are many more links to McDonalds or Google, but we first think of the “home page” or the “landing page”.
    Whether it is factual information about your products and services, promotional offers, sale, unique features, industry analysis, company reports, optimization etc. is all done on this home page and hence this page is of vital importance. This is the first visual page that the viewer / customer sees and explores. Hence, it needs to be unique, informative, cool and targeted!
    Make sure it is targeted and is clear on who is the target audience – When a person randomly comes to your site, it is good for SEO but will it lead to a sale or even a potential customer. If the answer is no, both the company and the customer himself need to know that. Thus, it is essential that as soon as someone lands on your homepage, he should know what the site an the company is all about. Be as informative, to the point, factual and relevant as possible
    Use graphics, charts and other visual aids – It is said that picture says a thousand words! Well, instead of so many words and sentences, try depicting what ever you want to say via graphs, charts, pictures etc. Show your product mix through a comprehensive picture, show your market growth via a graph etc.
    Give correct information – Many websites and companies do not take the case of authenticity and ethics seriously. Just for the sake of sales, they will skew the information. Please avoid doing that in the world of internet at least because one flaw detected by a customer / viewer and this negative feedback will be going viral. Instead be honest and use marketing strategies to negate the effect

    When you first go to a website, you usually go to the home page where all relevant information is there. You then proceed to other sections. But the first page is always the home page or the landing page and thus designing its strategy is very important.

    • curioussearcher12

      Its also important to define call to action items on the homepage, so that the user is directed down the sales funnel or other path of interest. A times, the site navigation is not properly developed due to which the user gets confused as what the next steps are.