• by Paras Singh, Feb 7, 2013 Printer-Friendly

    Do you remember the latest Ad for Sony TV or Axis Bank? Did you see it on television or a billboard or maybe there was a Tweet about them? Well, the chances are, they are everywhere and you have seen them on various platforms. Why is this so? Is it because it is free? The answer is NO! Nothing in this world is free but companies have realized that advertising and reaching out to customers on various platforms is the key to success! Why restrict yourself to just magazine spreads or blogging about it? Why cannot the marketers come up with a proper media mix and strategically think about placing adverts in that media basket?

    Well, that is exactly what is happening. In fact, it has become a near science in big advertising agencies to figure out the target market in order to strategically finalize on the media mix. Media mix is nothing but the combination of various platforms to advertise the products and services of a company – Television, Magazines, Newspapers, Billboards, Leaflets, Social Media (which social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, LinkedIn, MySpace etc.), Mobile Applications etc.

    The next question is – have we, especially in India or other emerging markets, moved away from Traditional Media and plunged totally into the digital and social era? The answer is Yes and No! Traditional media are still prevalent and prominent in India but the world in general is fast moving away from the regular magazine and radio advertising and going heavily towards the digital marketing aspect.

    There might be several reasons for this:
    . It is not very costly as compared to making an advertisement for a leading magazine or television.

    . Social Media and Digital Media are relatively inexpensive.

    . Return on Investment is more on digital media because investment is very low (in comparison), outreach is vast (and is growing rapidly) and it is time saving. Thus, the ROI is greater and quicker than traditional media.

    It is one form of outreach which is genuinely “mobile” and can be carried anywhere. You cannot carry billboards or television with you. But if you have a Smartphone, these advertisements are with you everywhere!
    Thus, marketers are advised to keep pace with the changing world!