• by Paras Singh, Mar 7, 2012 Printer-Friendly

    Google Analytics is an incredible method to analyze websites. It helps to add on ROI and enhance ‘Goal Tracking’ of websites. Using this tool aids in formulating plans so as to increase profits and visitors to a company.

    Google Analytics is a method to gain information about websites, their usage, and traffic that they generate. It can be used to track visitors to a site and its power gets amplified when it is applied to track Return on Investment (ROI) of various traffic channels to a website.

    It is actually possible to take Google Analytics to the next level by tracking the Return on Investment (ROI). Tracking ROI helps one to make estimates of exactly how much they should spend for ‘pay-per-click’ advertisement or even ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO). Moreover, it helps people take decisions and form strategies to increase the in-flow of visitors to a website. The website owner can decide, based on Google Analytics Report, whether to invest on pay-per-click campaigns or just focus on page optimization to bring in highly valued customers.

    Just like ROI can be determined with Google Analytics, it is also a fundamental way to track goals. There are four kind of goal tracking that is possible with Google Analytics though a lot depends on one’s specific business model.

    Increase Viewership of Pages
    : It is possible to track how much content do visitors of a site actually read. By knowing this, it is possible to formulate plans so as to make people visit as many pages as possible.

    Reaching URL Destination: When a visitor lands on a designated target page this goal is completed. For example, on registering with a website, normally it is found that a page displaying ‘Thank You for Registering with Us’ opens up. This is what is termed as reaching the goal of URL destination.

    Time Spent By Visitors
    : Under this goal it becomes possible with Google Analytics to determine how much time visitors spend on a website and further investigate other variables to keep them hooked to the website for longer time.

    Determining Complex Indicator: There are some complex things that can be deciphered using Google Analytics. The goal is to measure indicators like that of visitor engagement. Google Analytics actually helps to determine how much time visitors spend watching videos, sharing the site information on social networks, and how frequently PDF reports and other files are downloaded.

    So, tapping on goal tracking as well as increasing ROI are the advantages of using Google Analytics to analyze Websites. Having done with all the necessary research, it then becomes possible to formulate plans for enhancing traffic-flow to websites. It also helps to make increments in profits.