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    The importance of long tail keywords never fades in SEO. There are some significant ways of using long tail keywords for promoting a site on search engines. The Google Keyword tool is there to allow people research on keywords and identify the right keywords for their sites.

    Google Keyword tool is a good resource to depend on for keywords. But what is being found is that people using this tool to find keywords for their sites actually make use of first two or three keyword phrases that get enlisted in the keyword tool. The researchers should concentrate on other keyword phrases as well that the tool enlists based on a person’s search query. Some considerations that should be kept in mind for finding right keywords are mentioned as under:

    Keywords for Article Title:

    Keywords that are discovered on Google Keyword tool can be used in article titles. It is not that all keywords can be used in titles. But yes some do emerge in the search results that are fit for titles. Such keywords sometimes can be used as they emerge or with simple modifications.

    Keywords for Page Content:

    Keywords meant for the page has to be very precise that clearly describes the subject of the page content. So, the research has to be done with precision. Google Keyword tool brings up the keywords that match the content of a site. So, they can be used as they are or with little changes. It is of real help for SEOs who need keywords that are rated well.

    Keywords for Subtopics

    There are certain keywords that are not complete sentences but yet are important. Their importance may be with regard to the page itself or a topic that resembles that of the page content. For example, a page may be dealing with ‘Eye Lens’ as the main keyword. Now there may be another keyword as ‘Optical Lens’ that is relevant enough for the page. So, what you do with it is you can embed it as a subtopic in the page itself. And if this keyword is more randomly searched then the probability of your site gaining visibility or preference is on the higher side.

    Keywords for Offsite Content

    Offsite content mainly involves the use of back-links. A website owner has to engage in a lot of activity to promote his site in Google search result. Anchor text is just one of the many measures that are undertaken while back-linking. Here, the right usage of keywords cannot be undermined and has to be done in a way to synchronize the anchor content with the back-link so as to give a natural appearance. Using the keyword tool makes it possible to discover varied keywords for anchor text. So, now writers can develop content incorporating varied keywords and not merely concentrating on a single keyword for anchor text. Google Search engine also finds it reasonable enough and stops eyeing on the anchor text as scams. Usage of varied long tail keywords in anchor text makes it a safe game.

    It completely depends on the user where he is going to use what kind of keywords. It is entirely dependent on the kind of content that you want to create and the keyword selection is based on the type of page content. However, there are some common keywords that can be embedded in the title, body or offsite content. But some are also specific, meant for the page, tile, and anchor text. The user should be able to identify them.