• by Paras Singh, Apr 20, 2012 Printer-Friendly

    There is a difference between Facebook page and Facebook profile . Read on to know how to build a good Facebook page.

    Most of us have a Facebook profile, with pictures, timeline, comments, News feed etc. The kind of reach that your network and the profile have, is tremendous. So why bother with Facebook page? Well, Facebook is different from a personal profile, in the sense that it is more for a brand or a company. So, if you think you represent a brand or a have an entity, the Facebook page is  a great way to bring awareness, attract more followers and fans and basically garner more customers!

    But how do you start and where do you start? Here are a few simple guidelines to bring to life your brand!

    • There are 6 categories that Facebook offers to create your position online
    1. Artist, Band, Public Figure
    2. Company or Organization
    3. Local Business
    4. Brand or Product
    5. Entertainment
    6. Cause of Community

    You will surely fall into one of the categories. So, fill up all the necessary information like name, place, type of business etc. Remember to type wisely because once you hit “submit” you cannot make changes!

    • Now, it’s your baby and you need to feed it with as much information as possible. Upload visuals, pictures, name and label everything, fill out all details, include the like and share buttons etc.
    • You really need to nurture this baby. Use all the features that Facebook has to offer and exploit them to your advantage. Start spreading the page`s awareness amongst your network. Start posting updates, create contests, engage your audience, make it look attractive with pictures and videos etc.
    • The best part of a Facebook Page is the analytics section. So after every few weeks if you want to track the kind of audience and views you have or their demographics, it is just a click away. The analytics section will give you an overall picture of how many people are your fans, who is talking about you, influential rate etc.
    • Keep a track of the analysis and keep building your brand accordingly

    Facebook Page is all about spreading the word and generating as much “buzz” as possible. That is what brand building is! It is simple but you need to nurture it constantly!