• by Paras Singh, Jan 24, 2013 Printer-Friendly

    Whether it was the timeline feature of the news feed feature, Facebook has always come up with breakthrough technology and features. The latest to hit the market if the Facebook Graph Search!

    For a long time, Facebook was touted as the next big organic search engine after Goggle and many marketers predicted that in a due course of time it will give a tough competition to Goggle search engine. Well, the graph search is a tiny step in the direction – albeit a very efficient and important one! Unlike Goggle, it is not yet about finding web pages or web URL`s based on the words you type in. Instead it focuses on the user`s usage, updates, pictures , activity, News-feed etc. to search and answer questions based on these individual maps and connections. It is kind of a facebook application for business which can boost your marketing results

    This new feature has 4 main pillars on which the search is based on and on which the entire graph will be charted – people, photos, interest and places! All a user needs to do is type in the question and Facebook will try to naturally answer it based on the analysis of these 4 pillars!

    Well, Photos will have all the photos that you liked or your own pictures, timeline pictures that you posted etc. Places will be all about the places you were tagged in, checked in, you visited etc. People section is all about your friends, who live in your area etc. and interest will be all about your hobbies, passions, what interest group you like, which all groups you have joined and much more!

    • People were hoping for a more general search engine but this is too specific
    • Most of us use smart phones and tablets but unfortunately, Facebook has not come up with a version that is compatible with mobile devices
    • The updates, statuses etc. you post on your News-feed or timeline, unfortunately is not picked up by the graph search. This data is very rich in telling about a person or a company but is excluded from the graph search

    How Can It Help Business:
    Well, after all it is a search tool and hence companies and marketers can capitalize on it and see the behavioral patterns among-st their fans and followers. This will give them a great insight into their behavior, what they like, their preferences, places they go, interest group etc. Market segmentation will become easier and targeting the apt audience will become sharper and easier!
    So, make the most of the graph search and sharpen your marketing tactics!