• by Paras Singh, Nov 19, 2012 Printer-Friendly

    Email Marketing is one of the oldest tactics known to any marketer. Now, this fact has its share of ups and downs. It has the advantage of being tried and tested and by now companies know what works for them and what does no. At the same time it has a flip side to it – it is old and not really innovative!

    But still email marketing, till date, remains of the favorite and also to a large extent a successful marketing tactic. In spite of it been in existence since time immemorial, it has changed its dynamics and along with it people`s perceptions have changed. Thus, what once was successful may not be successful anymore and vice versa. Here are some myths and maybe some faux pas that a marketing team needs to be careful about:

    • Most marketing emails have an opt-out or unsubscribe options (if you scroll down the company email, that will be the last sentence!). Many people do not opt out or unsubscribe and some do. Most marketers think that if someone has not unsubscribed, that means they love hearing from the company! Well, that is a fatal mistake. Never take your database for granted. Some people may love hearing about discounts and sales only, some may like it for some extra coupons, some may like it for actual financial company news etc. Thus, be careful of the frequency and the type of information you circulate!
    • Most marketers also think that f they insert some keywords like free, coupons, deals, save etc., people have them already filtered and thus company emails with such words may land them in the spam folder directly. Well, to a certain extent it is true but most people do not have such wide range of filters. So, if you have a great coupon or a savings offer, do not hesitate to insert those words and create an email marketing campaign around it!
    • Do you believe that emails are a great way to generate leads? Well, you are right only if it is a great cash coupon or a deal that attracts customers. If it is a regular sale or an offer or just company news, that does not account for the any lead generation!

    Email Marketing is a tricky area and marketers need to be careful!