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Breaking News Used For Making Highly Ranked Websites

by Paras Singh, Mar 16, 2012

Websites can be ranked higher on Search engine listing by concentrating on news stories that are recent. Marketers should be ready and direct their team to update their websites with recent news and synchronize the stories with their own business.

Breaking news has a lot to do with improving the visibility of websites in search in engine results. Firms can make use of newsbreaks to improve their visibility in search engines. There are notable differences in breaking-news results and standard search engine results. The usual results receive a boost if the content is based on recent news events like a tsunami breakout, or Apple releasing new iPad, or other stories of prominence.

Google is found to give information with additional links in its search results while Bing serves up results from its own news properties like Marketers have to be prepared for breaking news events and do everything necessary to top in search result listing.

Recent News: Covering stories with freshness and recency can help in gaining search engine recognition. Bing gives extreme preference to recentness in its news section. Both Google and Bing give freshness the maximum magnitude in case of large events and they are measured in terms of minutes. Website owners can always include recent stories in their releases by merging it with business related to their own websites.

Sharing Information Socially: Google renders real time results with the content volume. Using Social network to share information makes it easier for people to access content and also results in higher SERP ranking of the website.

Video Format: Multi-format results are surfaced higher by search engines. Video is the top-most format and is rated high as it is accessed more by people and can be shared easily. The best thing to do is to capture an event, get it syndicated in Youtube and then embed it on your website with proper keywords to describe it. There should be option for others to give comments on the uploaded video.

Google Plus: Recent launch of the Google+ has made it an important part of your social sharing effort. So, content on Google+ will gain a lot of weight-age from Google.

News Based Website XML: It is good to list a website as news site on Google and Bing. This helps the site to gain more recognition and it thus becomes easier to discover the website faster on Google or Bing.

Preparing Team: It is necessary to train your team to be SEO friendly. Though it is not possible to form a keyword strategy but then it is possible to give an instant reaction whenever a major story breaks so that your website gets optimized.

Optimization Compulsory: It is not possible to rank high without optimizing content using SEO fundamentals.

Guidelines for Keywords:
It is possible to give clear guidelines to your team about the sort of keywords that you want to be ranked in case of news events. Twitter trends can be used to understand what keywords and hash-tags are on trend. It is also good to use monitoring tools to have an idea of what resonates and how.

To tap on breaking news is fundamental to get sites optimized on search engine results. It can be easily done with little intelligence and witty selection of topics. Choosing big news for website promotion really works as Search engines like Google and Bing crawl on recent news stores to place them higher on their lists.