• by Paras Singh, Nov 19, 2012 Printer-Friendly

    So how many of you have tried searching something on Google or any other search engine, being directed to a website and that website turned to be all hype and no matter? Well, it is not exactly a spam website but for you, it may have turned out to be!

    Google or any other search engine hates spam or spam websites. In fact, they had launched Google Panda to curb some of it. But spammers are smart. The question is – is your website or URL viewed as a spam too by users?

    • Does your website concentrate on generating quality content instead of just quantity? Most spammers do not think about quality at all. If SEO thinks that the company should write 10 blogs a month for optimization, the company will just put some words in the blog and publish it – now that is quantity and not quality. This may result in spam!
    • Is your company actively involved in social media – Facebook page, Twitter handle, Pinterest profile etc.? If you have engaged your audience on the social media front, the chances are you are genuine and search engines will not “spam” you!
    • At the same time, are you on social media for the sake of it and not really doing anything? Or worse, are you absent from all social media? Then, the chances of your company being ignored and considered spam in today`s age, is high!
    • When a browser clicks on your URL, enters the website and navigates around, does he find it easy, user friendly and without any “page not found” or dead ends? If yes, you are on the right track!
    • Many websites have a tendency to clutter their homepage with unnecessary adverts from others or their website is full of “click here”, ads etc. – the chances of that website being considered fraud and spam by search engines are high!

    Spam websites, after a point, may be paralyzed or blacklisted – thus, it is better to be authentic, put in some hard work and make your website search friendly, spam free and full of quality content!

    • Hi,

      My website connect with social media websites But not publishing any content.  In this Case Does Google Consider my website as a spam website.
      After considering Google My website as Spam Website Then What should i do For Recovering?

      Thanks In advance for posting nice article & i hope you will reply me so soon.